dresden elektronik ingenieurtechnik gmbh This file contains important information concerning the dresden elektronik software package. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Purpose: -------- The dresden elektronik deRFmacAddon package bases on the Atmel IEEE 802.15.4 MAC Stack to which it primarily adds support for dresden elektronik boards. Although the virgin Atmel MAC Stack already provides a large amount of application examples, the dresden elektronik software package adds some more. The current release contains board support for dresden elektronik's RaspBee board and provides two applications examples: - Wireless UART - Performance Test Installation: ------------- If you like to play with these 2 applications first, no additional software is required. Simply unpack the archive and upload them to the RaspBee board using its built-in bootloader. In case you like to modify them or write custom applications, obtain the Atmel MAC stack from http://www.atmel.com/tools/IEEE802_15_4MAC.aspx and install it to a TOP LEVEL FOLDER, like "c:\MAC". For getting familar with the Atmel MAC package, it provides documentation in the subfolder "Doc". Ensure to read at least the "IMPORTANT_README_FIRST.txt" in the root folder! For adding the dresden elektronik software package to the Atmel MAC, copy the "deRFmacAddon_.exe" file to the root directory of your Atmel MAC installation. Then run "deRFmacAddon_.exe" - it will self-extract. Acknowledge when requested to replace existing files. Important information: ---------------------- This release of the deRFmacAddon was designed to work in conjunction with the MAC release 2.8.0. If using older/newer versions of the MAC package, error-free functionality cannot be guaranteed. The RaspBee User Manual provides detailled instructions on i.e. the following topics: - uploading firmware using the bootloader - special requirements regarding custom RaspBee applications - how to "free" the UART on the RaspBerry Pi To get a terminal interface to the demo applications, use i.e. minicom with setting 38400 baud, 8N1: $ minicom -d /dev/ttyAMA0 -b 38400 -8 Support: -------- For questions concerning the dresden-elektronik software package, please contact us at support@dresden-elektronik.de. We also would be grateful to get any potential bug report.