deCONZ API  1.1.0
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deCONZ Reference Manual


The deCONZ C++ API allows the development of plugins for the deCONZ main application. Plugins are free to communicate with any node in the ZigBee network.


  • Send and receive packets to and from any node in the network
  • Full node discovery is done in the background and available through the node cache
  • Full access to Application Support Layer (APS) (no limitation to specific profiles)
  • Convenience classes for ZigBee Cluster Library (ZCL) handling


Currently the library is available for RaspBee platform.

Download the development package for your deCONZ version from


Install the package (old versions will be replaced automatically).

dpkg -i deconz-dev-latest.deb

Basic Usage

Include the main deCONZ header in your Qt plugin project.

#include <deconz.h>

Link your project with -ldeCONZ