Customers around the world trust wireless solutions from dresden elektronik

You can find wireless solutions from dresden elektronik wherever environmental influences are measured and monitored.   


  • Alternative energy / solar heat
  • Security systems
  • Building automation
  • Industrial automation
  • Transport / logistics
  • Lighting
  • Medical technology / Ambient Assisted Living
Source: Flabeg Holding GmbH

Solar thermal power plants with parabolic trough technology

In order to reflect solar radiation efficiently, the highest possible precision is necessary in the positioning of the parabolic mirror and measuring the temperature in the absorber tubes. Maintenance-free wireless solutions from dresden elektronik allow temperatures to be measured at any location and for these values to be transmitted. Extreme environmental conditions require a high level of dependability in this application. 

Security systems

Whether in public buildings or on private property, security systems with a wireless connection are becoming more and more popular. Wireless solutions developed and manufactured by dresden elektronik operate on batteries for several years and protect against theft or misuse with infrequent maintenance intervals. Additionally, hardware-supported AES 128-bit encryption ensures effective protection for security-relevant applications.