Sensor Terminal Board

Please note, this product will be discontinued. Following the sale of the small remaining stock, it will be available on request. More information you can find here.Obsolete Products

Key Features

  • 100 x 75  x 30 mm (with spacer, RCB and battery holder)
  • Optimally tuned to Radio Controller Boards (RCB) -> see Reference Designs
  • On-board temperature sensor
  • 32 kB memory extension
  • Easy connection of additional sensors via screwed contact
  • ISP, JTAG (debug interface)

Sensor Teminal Board 

With the Sensor Terminal Board the Radio Controller Boards (RCB) of Atmel can be easily and quickly started. The evaluation board features an on-board temperature sensor, 32 kB memory extension and additional sensors can be easily attached using screw contacts.


Sensor Terminal Board