Key Features

  • Software with graphical user interface and generic application core
  • Easy and intuitive to use 
  • Support for monitoring, reporting, control and commissioning
  • Any ZigBee PRO nodes applicable
  • Platform independent (Windows, Linux, (MAC)
  • Editable XML file for ZCL and vendor profiles
  • Easily creation of bindings with drag and drop
  • Ethernet based remote access
  • Supporting customized sensors /add new sensors or nodes

deCONZ is an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Use it to set up and control any size ZigBee network without any further programming.

With this PC-based, platform-independent application you can map all the nodes in a network simply and without complications. All of the basic node information, end points and their clusters can be automatically read out and graphically represented. Each node is also controlled in a completly graphical manner. A simple drag and drop process is all you need to create bindings. The network can also be controlled online using a remote connection.

The software tool can be used for practically every ZigBee application profile because of its generic application core. Application specifications such as devices, profiles and clusters are described in an XML file. New devices and profiles can be added to the XML file, entered into the application without changes and the corresponding nodes can be operated entirely using the graphical interface.