deRFnative Examples


The deRFnative Examples demonstrate the native access to resources (e.g. Buttons, LEDs) of dresden elektronik radio modules and related accessories like the SensorTerminalBoard or deRFnode/gateway board series. 'Native' is to be understood here, that the application does not use any *external* API or stack but brings with everything required for the application example to work autonomously.


The deRFnative Examples can be downloaded here:


The download contains a self-extracting package. To install the examples, please open the package (name: deRFnativeExamples.exe) and specify any directory of your choice where you wish the files be extracted to.


The examples start at simple button press evaluation over timer dependent LED flashing and sensor reading (temperature/acceleration/light) up to USB ad Flash access examples. Further information about each example can be found within the download package.