MAC Stack


The IEEE 802.15.4 MAC Software Package used is provided by Atmel Corporation. It comes with the complete source code and is a reference implementation of the IEEE 802.15.4 standard (as the name suggests). It supports different platforms and microcontrollers (a platform porting can be done easily) and also different IEEE 802.15.4 transceiver chips. As described in the standard, it supports star and peer-to-peer networks. Also beacon-enabled and nonbeacon-enabled networks are possible.

Since the Atmel MAC-Stack does not natively support all the dresden elektronik development boards and radio modules, we provide a self-extracting package to add such functionality. The package further contains a Board Support Package (BSP) to ease up the access to resources of the development boards (such as flash memory, sensors, etc.). Additional examples also facilitate the start with our products.


The installer for the Atmel MAC-Stack version 2.6.1 you can download here. Installation is done by following the on-screen instructions. Please keep default installation folder. If any other is selected, please use such one that does not contain any spaces. Keep the path as short as possible.

To add support to dresden elektronik wireless products, as stated above, please download our addon deRFmacAddon.exe. To install the deRFmacAddon, open the self-extracting installer and choose the directory where you have installed the MAC software package before (e.g. C:\Atmel\MAC_v_2_6_1). Confirm overwriting files, if requested.


As the MAC-Stack is strictly layer oriented where each layer has a specified task, there are also different examples for (nearly) each layer. Starting with access to platform resources demonstrate how the stack API works. Another example (based on a higher layer) is a wireless UART application, to replace wired UART connections by using radio modules. The higher layer examples demonstrate how to create beacon- and nonbeacon-enabled networks, also the creation of a basic sensor network is demonstrated. Further information can be found in the Atmel MAC-Stack User Guide, which is contained in the installation folder.