ZigBee (BitCloud)

The BitCloud ZigBee SDK software package is provided by Microchip. It is a complete ZigBee stack that provides reliable, scalable and secure radio applications based on the radio transceivers from Microchip, formerly Atmel. The software is standard-compliant with all ZigBee certified products and thus the implementation of the ZigBee specification of the ZigBee Alliance.

With the radio modules of dresden elektronik a ZigBee development is possible. The new deRFSamR21 is suitable for ZigBee 3.0 applications, the deRFMega256 series supports the older ZigBee Pro Stack. For a new application we generally recommend the latest standard ZigBee 3.0, which is also backward compatible to products with older ZigBee versions.

ZigBee development at dresden elektronik
dresden elektronik has been a member of the ZigBee Alliance for over 10 years and has built up extensive technical know-how in this context. The company produces the wireless modules in corresponding production lines and implements the software. As wireless specialist, LED drivers and gateway solutions have been established on the market successfully. These solutions are offered for industrial lighting as well as for the consumer market. As a developer and producer, the company fullfills the entire value chain and can respond to individual needs excellently. A highly specialised service rounds the range of radio technology by dresden elektronic.

Your ZigBee Development
The development of own ZigBee applications is possible in cooperation with dresden elektronik. An advantage is the already existing expertise of dresden elektronik and the associated access to the knowledge of the specialists. Alternatively, already developed products can also be purchased within the scope of OEM use. In addition, dresden elektronik is the perfect partner when it comes to certification of the application by the ZigBee Alliance. This creates the possibility to use the product interoperably, to profit from existing solutions and to establish itself as a further building block in the ZigBee world.