Advanced production technologies combined with competent qualified personnel


From prototyping through to medium-sized series, we satisfy your individual demands quickly and reliably. Whether for printed circuit board assembly or soldering processes, our equipment is state-of-the-art and guarantees quality to a reasonable price. Due to the flexible manufacturing organization we can react to product adaptations quickly in order to provide you the optimal result.


Premium-quality printed circuit board assembly

  • From prototype via small-scale series through to medium-sized series of 100,000 pieces/batch
  • Circuit board equipping (SMD,THT) with assembly parts from the size of 0201 
  • Current production capacity: up to 300,000 units per shift

Efficient machine soldering

  • Forced convection reflow soldering
  • Full nitrogen tunnel wave soldering (unleaded)
  • Wave soldering (leaded)
  • Selective soldering
  • Vapor phase soldering

Accurate production of mechanical assemblies

  • Machining of casings and front panels (with CNC milling and engraving machine)

Comprehensive routine tests

  • RF test
  • Electrical function and in-circuit test
  • Boundary scan
  • Automatic optical inspection
  • Burn-In tests

Customized serial programming

  • of EPROMs, flashes, GALs, controllers, CPLDs and FPGAs