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After including the Philips dimmer switch in the web-app, no lamps can be controlled by the switch, although they are in the switch-group.

After the switch has been found by the web-app you still have to manually connect a lamp to the switch. While holding the switch close to a lamp press the "on" button for about 10 seconds. The lamp starts blinking and on the switch a status LED starts to blink. Do not release the switch-button until the status LED begins to blink rapidly. Now you can add more lamps to the switch-group with the help of the web-app and control them.

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With which Raspberry Pi model does the RaspBee shield work?

Raspberry Pi A


Raspberry Pi B


Raspberry Pi B+


Raspberry Pi 2


Raspberry Pi 3


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Could I use the Philips LivingColors remote control, to control the FLS ballast, via Philips Hue Bridge?

No, the remote control couldn’t be use to control the dresden-elektronik ballast.

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How do I have to configurate the parameters in the deCONZ, that all lights and FLS-devices (also from other producers) can join my gateway/network?

The following configuration allows HA and ZLL devices to join the network. From the menu chose Edit/Network Settings and adjust the configuration as follows:



Device Type


Predefined PANID



any value not including 0x0000 and 0xFFFF, for example 0x1234

Aps Use Ext PANID

0 (will be set by the device to the MAC address)

Custom MAC Address        


MAC Address

the MAC address of the deRFusb or RaspBee (see the label)

Channel Mask 


Security Mode 

High - No Master but TC Link Key

TC Address 

Same as MAC address

Network Key 

any value not including 0

TC Link Key 

0x5a6967426565416c6c69616e63653039 (the default HA link key)


In the Endpoints tab at least one endpoint should be configured to support the Home Automation (HA) profile (0x0104).







Profile ID 



Device ID



Device Version



In clusters



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How can I add a FLS to the Philips Hue Bridge?

Note: Adding a FLS to a Philips Hue Bridge is only possible with the new ZigBee Light Link certified FLS (FLS-PP lp and FLS-H lp only at the moment) products.

In order to add the FLS to a Philips Hue Bridge it must be factory new or reseted to factory new state if the FLS was already added to a network.

To start power-on the FLS with the AC/DC adapter, the LED strip should show a white light.

  1. Open Philips Hue App 
  2. Select Settings > My lights at the menu 
  3. Select Connect new lights
  4. In the next dialog select Automatic search
  5. Searching the light may take a few seconds


As soon as the FLS has joined the network it will show a green color and will appear in the list as new light. A FLS-PP lp is displayed as Extended color light and a FLS-H lp as Color temperature light.

From now on the FLS can be controlled like any other Hue light without restrictions.

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What is the difference between the former FLS-PP and the new FLS-PP lp?

The FLS-PP lp is the next generation of the FLS-PP. The significant alterations affect both software and hardware. The hardware is completely redesigned, whereby the technical features could be considerably improved and the dimensions could be reduced.

Considering the software part, a certification as ZigBee Light Link certified device could be achieved. Therefore the FLS PP lp is completely compatible with the Philips hue world.

For controlling both generations of wireless electronic ballasts in a network, you need the RaspBee Gateway from dresden elektronik. The RaspBee Gateway is also necessary to perform firmware updates. In the future they will be offered only for the FLS-PP lp. The FLS-PP remains fully functional, but without any updates.

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What is the SSH login for the RaspBee Gateway?

Username: ‘pi’

Password: ‘raspbeegw’

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How is the FLS (wireless ballast) working after switching off/on?

If there is a RGB light connected, the last called colour will be restored. If the brightness is less then 79% by switching off, this value will be also restored.

Generally the last called value will be restored. But the last setting have to be made for at least 20 seconds before switching off.

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Is it possible to use alternative apps for controlling the lights?


In Settings / System / Apps you can activate the gateway for contolling with other apps.

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How can I add the Philips Hue into my home lighting network?

Put the Philips Hue close to the RaspBee Gateway (if possible less than 50 cm distance).

Make the Tochlink Reset with the Hue (WebApp: Settings / Touchlink).

After that, please open the network (webapp: Settings / Network / Network Open) and add the Philips Hue to a certain group of lights.  

Finally please close the network. 

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Which devices from Philips are working with the Wireless Light Control solution?

At the moment only with the Philips Hue. 

Phillips Living White and Living Colours are not supported at the moment, but we working on it.