Modern production technologies – combined with professional skilled personnel

From the prototype to large-sized series production, we meet your individual needs quickly and reliably. Whether for printed circuit board assembly or soldering processes, our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and guarantee high quality at a reasonable price. Due to the flexible manufacturing organization we are able to quickly react on product modifications and provide optimal results. We offer more than only assembly service – so-called edge technologies in-house offer great advantages.

Printed circuit board assembly

  • from prototype to large-sized production of 100,000 pieces per unit
  • printing of solder paste or glue
  • SMT and THT assembly
  • special technologies like pressing or riveting
  • current production capacity of up to 320,000 components per shift

Computer-generated soldering

  • convection solder reflow
  • wave soldering
  • automatic selective soldering
  • high precision IC soldering


  • assembly cleaning by machines
  • conformal coating
  • dip coating
  • spray coating
  • 1- and 2-component potting

Routine testing | inspection | reworking

  • automatic optical inspection
  • electrical function and in-circuit tests
  • boundary scan
  • high-frequency testing
  • burn-in

Device building | cable production

  • device mounting and adjustment of mechanical and optical components
  • electronic installation
  • cable assembly

Mechanical production

  • milled parts according to draft
  • case and front panel processing
  • mechanical processing of customer data

Quality assurance in manufacturing

  • mechanical test steps
  • two-man-rule in different test steps
  • traceability for each production order