After Sales Service

Sustainability and reliable service form the core of our customer relationships. When long-term availability as well as professional repair and spare part service is required, you will find us to be the right partner. Even if a case appears hopeless, we can help with our special equipment. Highly qualified personnel perform miracles together with the innovative thinking of the development engineers and the high-tech analysis methods of Dresden University of Technology.

Our services

  • long-term stockpiling of components or assemblies
  • warranty claims and repair inquiries (standard processing up to 20 working days) are treated the same as customer orders
  • repair service beyond the standard warranty
  • use of standard and special test methods to localize the fault (e.g. x-ray tomography or ultrasound diagnostics)
  • rotational maintenance or calibration of products we manufacture
  • update service for software and firmware solutions developed by us
  • re-engineering of obsolete assemblies through new development on a modern component basis
  • redemption and recycling of electronic elements