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Mehr als 10 000 Gateways 2018

More than 10 000 gateways in 2018

Knowledge of the advantages of a so-called "smart home" is growing increasingly in modern society.

In 2018, sales in the Smart Home segment amounted to around €2,614 million. (Statista), in the area of comfort and light, it is even expected that by 2022 there will be around 7 million households operating intelligent lighting control systems, thus enriching their everyday lives. This is also the case here.

We at dresden elektronik can report gateway sales of more than 10000 units last year. With this high number, it is again evident for us that the activity and interest in the field of home and building automation is constantly increasing. dresden elektronik will continue to pave the way to an innovative and intuitive lighting control system with and through our gateways and the Phoscon App.