Dynamic Passenger Information Systems

Key Features

  • Extremely flat display with automatic brightness adjustment
  • Thin overall depth: 25mm (one-sided display) or 37mm (double-sided display)
  • Two standard display series: deFIs and deFIm
  • Easy replacement of single modules
  • Individual display size due to modular design
  • Optional wireless connection between station computer and PIS-server
  • Connection to electronic timetables (deZign)


    The LED-displays convince with their compact design. They are extremely flat, reliable, clearly visible and meet the high demands of outdoor use. Our two standard display series deFIs, deFIm and deFIz consist of display modules with 16 x 16 LEDs.

    Series Resolution Display Surface Product Name
    deFIS 48 x 96 pixels 192 x 384 mm deFIS3.4s
      64 x 96 pixels 256 x 384 mm deFIS4.4s
      48 x 96 pixels
    192 x 384 mm deFIS3.4d
      64 x 96 pixels
    256 x 384 mm deFIS4.4d
    deFIm 96 x 144 pixels 538 x 806 mm deFIL6.5s
      96 x 144 pixels
    538 x 806 mm deFIL6.5d
    deFIz 32 x 192 pixels 179 x 1074 mm * deFIZ2
      64 x 192 pixels 358 x 1074 mm * deFIZ4

    * additional clock possible

    Up to 1.024 display modules can be implemented on customer request in any format. Integrated sensors enable an automatic brightness adjustment. They ensure optimal readability and lower energy consumption. The brightness of two-sided displays is regulated separately. Special characters, symbols and a moving screen can be displayed.

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    Station Computer

    The displays are controlled by the local station computers. Up to 16 displays can be controlled by a single station computer. They are connected to a central server by transparent modem- as well as web- and GSM-connections. That way the stops can be monitored and provided centrally.