Controls for Dynamic Signposting

Key Features

  • Modular system for regulating prism signs
  • Easy and flexible to expand
  • Consists of sign controls and an outstation
  • Mutual locking of the prism groups possible
  • Failsafe-positioning on each prism group configurable
  • Right-/Left-handed rotation of each prism group possible
  • Automatic diagnostic function from the control center
  • Protocol memory per outstation displayed centrally

The dynamic signposting control is a flexible and modular system for the regulation of prism signs from the control center. It is used for the outstation and for sign control in multiple configurations and it allows up to 100 prism groups per location. The sign and the outstation communicate using via CAN Bus. The control center is connected ismade via Ethernet.


The outstation establishes a connection between control center and the sign controls. Protocol entries in the outstation are stored for the connected prism signs and are available to the control center at any time on demand. 10 sign controls can be integrated via CAN Bus for each outstation.

Sign Control

The sign control receives the positioning data for the individual prism display from the outstation and controls it as required. 12 prism displays can be controlled for each sign. Right- or left-handed rotation, failsafe-positioning or locking logic can be configured for each prism display.