Software Zign Pro

With Zign Pro you control and manage the electronic display deZign. Through a graphical web interface the system can be administrated manually via plugin interface to existing data bases (e.g. RBL/ITCS). Foresighted planning as well as short-term information on-site become a child's play.

Key Features

  • user-friendly surface
  • operation over smartphone, tablet or PC
  • status check for every device
  • shortest reaction times – information immediately on-site
  • minimum resource input

Your structure at a glance

The structure tree provides an overview of the created devices, images and planning. You can plan and assign them individually.

  • shows all devices, images and plannings at a glance
  • switching of  particular devices or groups within the structure
  • classification as desired

Planning overview

Facilitate your work with a forsighted planning. A short reaction time is also given.

  • last-minute changes implemented rapidly
  • long-term planning options

Questions on the software and software components will answer you Mr. Michael Tittel