Compact and robust display line

Key Features

  • One-sided or double-sided display
  • case included
  • 7-lines
  • Modular design consisting of 16x16 pixels LED-modules
  • Automatic intensity control on each side
  • Module dimensions: 120 mm
  • LED-radiation angle ≥ 120°C
  • Image frequency ≥ 25 Hz
  • RS485/422 bus interface
  • Protocol: PACOS, Adtranz

deFIm Display

The display line deFIm comes with its own case which can be printed and adjusted to specific customer requirements. The front glass is 4 mm tempered glass.

Product name Resolution Display surface
deFIM6.5s 96 x 144 pixels 538 x 806 mm
deFIM6.5d 96 x 144 pixels
538 x 806 mm

Technical Data

Case Stainless steel case with foldable show case doors
Dimensions 1365 x 835 x 120 mm
Front screen 4 mm ESG with contrasting foil
Protections IP55
Perspective Up to 140°
Voltage 3.3V; 260W max.
Resolution 96 x 144 pixels
Visible surface 538 x 806 mm
Data transmission RS485/422
Outdoor temperature range -20°C …+50°C