Station Computer

Key Features

  • Controls up to 16 displays
  • Embedded Linux
  • integrated R09-recipient
  • Audio interface with text-to-speech function
  • Connection to the central unit via modem, Ethernet or GSM
  • Protocol for display: PACOS, ADtranz

    Station Computer 

    Station computers for controlling display systems and extensive software solutions for the central supply and monitoring stops - these are all a part of the control technology we offer.

    The station computer displays the actual data in certain layouts on the display and provides a backup on the connected displays in case of a loss of connection. Moreover it is able to register R09-telegrams and provide these to the central unit for actual-data calculationfor other stops.

    Technical Data

    Processor 32-Bit Atmel ARM9263, 200 MHz
    Memors 256 MB Flash, 64 MB RAM
    Interfaces 1 x RS232, 1 x RS422,
    1 x RS422/485,
    2 x USB, 1 x USB Host,
    1 x SD-Card, Ethernet,
    audio -interface,
    per 8 digital In-/Outputs
    Outdoor temperature range -20°C …+50°C