Solution for traffic and building site protection systems

Key Features

  • reduced wiring effort with decentralized structure
  • class D control unit TL-LSA 97
  • for systems with up to 60 signal groups
  • lamp options: 40 VAC-LED, 12 VDC-LED, 230 VAC-LED
  • digital inputs | outputs for sensing devices, infrared detectors or cameras
  • graphical software tool for creating fully traffic-dependent supply data
  • LISA+ direct supply possible


The mobile control unit deTRAmo is designed for securing  construction sites at complex junctions. Due to its modular design and the very low wiring requirements, the system is flexible and applicable to different cases. The control unit can be extended to a decentralized structure by using the switch box (12 VDC or 40 VAC).


  • Control modes: automatic schedule system, central or manual control, traffic-dependent control, coordination, fixed-time program
  • public transport prioritization using radio/R09.X-telegrams
  • LISA+ direct supply
  • OCIT-O V2.0 traffic computer connection
  • easy-to-assemble 19” technology
  • time coordination via GPS
  • modern TFT-touch display for operation
  • integrated web server for remote access

    Switch Cards

    The 40V switch box is the default for deTRAmo. Depending on different requirements dresden elektronik provides a suitable switch card for every purpose. Please take a look at our switch-card overview.

    Switch Card Overview