User-friendly software-tools

With dresden elektronik’s  easy-to-use software tools complex traffic projects can be implemented quickly and efficiently. You get a complete software package that assists you all the way from the creation of the traffic data and the logic to supplying the system.

  • deTRAver: creation of supply-data
  • deTRAsim: simulation of the supply-data and online visualization

deTRAver supply tool

With deTRAver you can create the supply-data for each node. Up to 3 nodes with up to 64 signal groups and 128 signal heads in up to 32 programs can be handled. A variety of surveys help you with the parameterization. Individual solutions can be implemented using an integrated logic module.

A clear, intuitive interface is created by selecting the menu items in the tree.Each menu item is associated with a window for determining appropriate parameters. The parameter set can be saved and loaded from the simulation tool deTRAsim.

Supply- and VS-Plus or LISA+-data are downloaded to the control uni and uploaded to the error- and event-log either using a serial port or Ethernet.

deTRAsim simulation tool

The graphical simulation program deTRAsim helps you to test and commission the system. The developed logic is checked using test scenarios with detector simulation. Different views (signal heads, signal groups, traffic flows, detectors,...) can be selected and alalyzed. With deTRAsim you can also get a direct connection to the controller with online visualization.

Due to the different views and tests the system parameterization can be perfectly matched. You can add a junction plan as a background picture to get a comprehensive overview. Signal head symbols, detectors etc. are assigned according to the plan.

LISA+ direct supply

The supply data can be loaded directly by the LISA+ module if the supply data has been created with the LISA+ workstation. Only the manufacturers’ data has to be adjusted within deTRAver. The error-prone and inefficient copying of the technical data and the traffic-dependent logic becomes unnecessary.


The supply tool deTRAver can also load a traffic-dependent logic made with VS-Plus. To complete the traffic-dependent logic only the manufacturers’ data and the VS-Plus-IDs have to be added.