The following partners use our technology:

B.A.S. Verkehrstechnik AG, Hemmingen-Hannover

  • deTRAmo300 + deTRAmo3000
  • Over 50 control units of the latest generation on Germany's streets in use

Dresdner Verkehrstechnik GmbH, Dresden

  • deTRA3000 in decentralized technology
  • approx. 80 control units in Dresden and Saxony

SAG GmbH, Langen

  • Integration in VersasBasic, VersasAdvanced
  • Over 100 control units in use all over Germany

S+B Signal- und Beleuchtungstechnik GmbH, Erfurt

  • deTRA300 + deTRA3000II
  • More than 15 control units in Thuringia

Schönlein Verkehrstechnik GmbH, Dresden

  • deTRAmo3000 with 12VDC and 40VAC switch boxes

Signalservice Cottbus GmbH

  • Integration in ST300, ST3000 and ST3002
  • Over 20 control units in Cottbus, Brandenburg and Saxony

Verkehrstechnik Laube GmbH & Co. KG, Magdeburg

  • deTRAmo300 with 40VAC switch box