Soutions for dynamic passenger information systems



Dynamic Passenger Information Systems

The display, station computer and PIS-server can be connected to each other via radio or via cable.

The ITCS data gets passed to the relevant station computer through the PIS-server where they are displayed. Buses or trains report their current position to the station computer, which transfers the data back to the ITCS-control center via PIS-server. New actual data for further stops can be calculated.

In the control center, the dispatcher work station can be used for copywriting, controlling displays, making announcements and administrating infrastructure.

We would be glad to help you in planning your PIS-system and ensure an individual solution among the control center, station computer and LED-displays with our products. The PIS-servers are set up by dresden elektronik so that arrival times, texts and announcements are easily and systematically sent to all station computers. This ensures an efficient use of components and enables a customized infrastructure.

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