Individual Control Solutions

Whether for an optimized route guiding, as advertising signage or information board we set up your individual control solution.

Configuration of the outstation

  • Up to max. 100 prism groups over up to 10 CAN Buses controllable
  • Outstation can get connected via router/gateway with firewall to a company network 
  • On-Site-Operation with laptop via Ethernet
  • Programming according to IE 61131
  • Optional diagnosis and security function  adjustable

Parameterizing of sign control/ prism groups

  • Controls max. 12 prism groups
  • Right-/ Left-handed rotation for each prism group adjustable
  • Mutual locking of the prism groups possible
  • Failsafe-positioning on each prism group configurable
  • correction of end position for each prism group on site possible

Visualizing and monitoring with software

  • controls any number of outstations
  • flexible graphic visualizing of the position and the single signs
  • Password protected access with three authorization levels
  • Access to all parameters of an outstation
  • User actions can get recorded in a logfile