Our technology is used at:

First 32" e-paper display Europe-wide at the ÖBB in Wien

  • Since October 2017 and March 2018 the first two 32" e-paper display are in use. With considerably better optical quality they substitute the common display of the Vienna Airport Lines of ÖBB.


Together with our partner next urban technologies GmbH we will install further displays of this type.  



Stadtwerke Bonn

  • In November 2016 one e-paper display got integrated in an exisiting case in Bonn at the stopp 'Frankenbad' and shows also beside the timetable special information. 



Grazer Linien, Graz

  • Nearly at the same time as the Wiener Linienthe first e-paper timetable got installed at the stop 'Karlauergürtel'.



Wiener Linien, Wien

  • Since May 2016 two displays get tested in Vienna. At the Stephansplatz is the variant 'Urban Station' and there arriving busses are shown via real-time data. At the bus stop Breitensee a 'Green Station' got installed. The display gets supplied via solar energy. With the push of the button the passenger can switch between the different timetables. (picture from



Rostocker Straßenbahn AG

  • Since March 2015 two devices in a stainless steel case get tested in Rostock.



SOHARD AG, Bern in behalf of PostAuto AG 

  • pilot project in Switzerland
  • Since February 2014 twelve displays in the plastic cases variant are installed in dynpaper-stops in Switzerland. 
  • In September two more displays with GSM function got installed France.
  • Ten further displays came in October. They receive their data via DAB+.



Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG, Dresden

  • Since 19th December 2013 the first two displays are in use at the stop "Haltepunkt Strehlen" in Dresden.
  • The field test with the digital timetable of the type urban station has started.
  • Two further displays got installed in April at the opposite stop.