Level Shifters

RS232 Level Shifter

Cable to connect 6 pin connectors, e.g. deRFtoRCB, Sensor Terminal Board, SAM-ICE Adapter in order to shift the RS232 TTL level for the direct connection with a COM port. Only Rx, Tx and GND are connected. All other D-Sub-9 contacts are unused.


USB Level Shifter Stick Basic or Low Power

The USB level shifter easily connects a TTL-UART over USB with a PC (virtual COM port). The level shifter automatically adapts to different TTL levels in the range of 1.8 V to 5.0 V. While only placing a small load of less than 3.5 mA onto the user circuit the level shifter basic version is for versatile applications. The low power version is especially suited to battery-operated circuits due to its very low consumption of between 1.5 µA and 4.0 µA. The cable is designed to connect to the common 6 pin header for trace and debug functions as found on the deRFtoRCB adapter, Sensor Terminal Board, SAM-ICE adapter, deRFnode and deRFgateway. It supports the TxD and RxD signals.