Research projects

Together with our partners from science and research we are working on several national and international research projects.

Currently running projects:

"Rad Im Fokus" - Cross-carrier warning and support system for cyclists

While motor vehicles are increasingly equipped with electronic information, warning and assistance systems, these technological possibilities have so far largely remained closed to cyclists. The spread of electric bicycles and the associated power supply to bicycles opens up completely new possibilities for establishing electronic warning and support systems on bicycles as well.
With an integrated, cross-carrier warning and support system for cyclists, the project aims to significantly improve the road safety of endangered road users and improve their individual driving experience against the background of an increasingly complex traffic situation. Through interdisciplinary research in cooperation with research institutions, manufacturers, providers and future users, the system is intended to provide innovative technology-based, context-sensitive and user-adaptive support for action, which is geared to the needs of users and consistently integrates cyclists into networked traffic. This improves the orientation and safety of cyclists in complex and potentially dangerous traffic situations and creates a network with the immediate surroundings. These include in particular the traffic infrastructure (e.g. road and path network with hazard points made available electronically for cyclists), the technical infrastructure (e.g. light signal systems communicating with the bicycle) and other road users (especially passenger cars/trucks and public transport vehicles).

Project duration: 01.09.2018 - 28.02.2021



VS-AMP - Robust positioning in complex positioning environments, navigation

The aim of the project is to optimize the use of parking and logistics space inside buildings by using innovative technologies while creating additional benefits for operators, users, residents and the environment.

In a parking garage, areas are to be equipped with location and information technology (compound technology) so that efficient parking garage management and optimization of the use of space by various user groups as well as the application cases "highly automated driving" (HAF ) and "city logistics". Infrastructure costs should be kept as low as possible, which can be achieved by using radio-based location and communication methods via a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). Such a system required efficient networking of the installed components and a possibly simple interface to the user and operator. Both should be achieved by the desired wireless networking of all components in the parking garage and the connection of the entire network to a backend system, which also takes over the complete control of the complex processes. Users should be able to use the new functions with simple tags, which are issued on entry and withdrawn on extension, while at the same time the billing of the different tariffs is achieved for the operator.

Project duration: 01.12.2017-30.11.2020