JTAG Adapter

The compact JTAG programming adapter connects the 30 pin ribbon cable of the lJTAGICE mkII with the 10 pin connector of the deRFtoRCB.


SAM ICE Adapter

 The SAM ICE adapter provides access to the JTAG interface and the DBGU port of the AT91SAM7 processor inside the USB radio stick. Using the internal connector the open USB radio stick is attached to the 10 pin connector of the SAM ICE adapter.

The SAM ICE adapter joins the JTAG interface of the AT91SAM7 processor to the on board 20 pin connector for using an ARM JTAG programmer as well as the DBGU port of the processor to a standard D-sub-9 socket for a direct COM port connection. The SAM ICE adapter is powered by the attached USB radio stick.


deRFtoRCB Adapter

The Radio Modules deRFmega128-22A00 and deRFmega128-22A02 can be used in components with an RCB interface with this adapter. Programming is done over the 10-pin JTAG interface. Tracing and debugging is possible over a 6-pin connector. On the back there are two RCB-compatible 30 pin I/O-connectors. The deRFmega128 can be simply attached to the female connector. For the stand-alone mode a battery compartment for 2 x AAA batteries is included. The control and display elements are connected to the appropriate port pins like the RCB modules. 


RCB Breakout Board RS232 Cable

This adapter cable connects one of the RCB Breakout Boards directly with a standard RS232 COM port. It consists of a 30 cm cable, SUB D9 and 3 pin-serial connector to connect any RCB Breakout Board. 

Please note, this product will be discontinued. Following the sale of the small remaining stock, it will be available on request. More information you can find here.