WebApp and deCONZ


For newer versions please refer to the Github releases page:


Version 2.04.35

  • Fixed OTA update problems with FLS-PP lp
  • Improved OTA updates in large networks
  • Fixed connection problems with ConBee
  • Fixed creation of scenes with color temperature for dresden elektronik FLS-H lp, FLS-CT lp; OSRAM PAR 16 50 TW(GU10), A60 RGBW and IKEA Tradfri GU10 WS 400lm
  • Fixed creation of scenes based on group commands
  • Fixed issues with schedules targeted at certain times
  • Improved setup of dresden elektronik Scene Switch, Lighting Switch and Philips Hue Dimmer Switch

Version 2.04.18

  • Feature gateway backup (Raspbian Linux)
  • Several bugfixes related to schedules and devices
  • WebApp Button in deCONZ GUI for opening the WebApp in the browser
  • Support to reset a FLS-A lp from the edit group members menu

Version 2.04.02

  • Fixed RaspBee firmware update problems
  • Automatic system configuration after initial installation

Version 2.04.00

  • Sorting of lights and groups
  • Improved appearance of groups
  • Improved performance of larger networks
  • Support of dresden elektronik Lighting Switch
  • Support of dresden elektronik ConBee USB Dongle
  • Support of Ubisys switches and actuators
  • Updated descriptions to integrate Philips Dimmer Switch
  • Fixed OTA update problems

Version 2.03.23

  • Improved performance in larger networks

Version 2.03.20

  • Support of the dresden elektronik Scene Switch
  • Support of the Philips Dimmer Switch
  • New feature: Color Loop
  • Groups on the light control page are now collapsable
  • White channel control of FLS-PP in group control
  • Bug fixes for Schedules and time settings

Version 2.02.05

  • Support of Philips Hue Tap

Version 2.00.00

  • New feature: Schedules
  • White channel control of FLS-PP with RGBW-stripe