Phoscon Gateway

Modern and smart gateway solution

Key Features

  • new and modern: the intelligent control unit for smart lighting control via ZigBee
  • vendor-independent support for ZigBee-compatible devices such as Philips, IKEA, Xiaomi and many more
  • easy integration of switches and sensors from well-known manufacturers
  • communication via Ethernet or WLAN
  • graphical user interface "Phoscon App" for desktop and mobile devices
  •  also usable in offline mode - without the need for a cloud
  •  also usable as a self-sufficient WLAN access point
  •  up to 200 knots controllable

      Phoscon Gateway


      Phoscon Gateway



      The high quality and modern solution for your innovative lighting control.

      The new Phoscon Gateway is currently the most flexible and functional solution for intelligent wireless light control with ZigBee on the market.

      The unique selling proposition of the modern gateway solution is the official integration of switches, sensors and light sources from established manufacturers on the market - including well-known companies such as IKEA or Philips. If you already have compatible products from these manufacturers, you can easily integrate them into the gateway with the help of intuitive user guidance.

      Another special feature of the Phoscon Gateway is the protection of privacy. The gateway is a self-sufficient solution without cloud necessity. Only for the initial installation of the graphical interface and for software updates Internet access is recommended - then you can also switch your lighting conveniently without Internet access.

      Together with the Gateway you get the smart and very user-friendly Phoscon App. This application offers even wireless technology-inexperienced users an intuitive step-by-step guide to a modern lighting experience of a special kind.

      By the way: The integration of intelligent brightness and motion sensors is also possible. Complex use cases can be achieved through the combination of switches and
      Sensors are realized that are not possible with other systems. The Phoscon app also offers the option of prioritizing motion detectors
      and switches to temporarily deactivate the sensor depending on the situation.

      Find out more about our app here!

      In conjunction with the app, several hundred devices can be operated under the Phoscon Gateway. The simple commissioning of switches, for example the manufacturers Busch-Jaeger, GIRA, JUNG and dresden elektronik itself, can be carried out within the app within a few seconds by an installation assistant