RaspBee Gateway SD-Card Image

Here you will find the current SD-Card Image, with the finished installed programm deCONZ, for the 

Raspberry Pi 2 and 3.





Raspbian Stretch RaspBee (Beta)    





Release Notes


md5: 249bca5d5662d7e9c6639b97e5e872b9

Attention: only limited functions for smartphone view available. For the full range of functions please use tablet or PC / laptop.

Installation Guide:


The Micro-SD-Card should have minimum size of 8 GB. We recommend you to use the program "Win32DiskImager" for Microsoft Windows.


  1. Please download the program "Win32DiskImager" from the internet. Afterwards unpack and install the program.

  2. Place the Micro-SD-Card into you computer. 

  3. Start as Administrator "Win32DiskImager".

  4. Choose the settings like you can see at the middle picture.

  5. Click to the button "Write" and acknowledge further questions with "yes".

  6. Disconnect the Micro-SD-Card in the Windows Explorer, by using a right-click to the drive letter and the command "eject". 

  7. Add the Micro-SD-Card into the space provided SD-Card slot of the Raspberry Pi. 

  8. Connect the Micro-USB-wire to the Raspberry Pi. The operating system should start after approx. three seconds.


SSH-Login for the Raspberry Pi:

Username: pi

Password: raspbeegw